Your Sex Abilities

In our sexual engagements, each day may be a little different.  We all have “off” days, perhaps we have a cold, a bruised knee or a headache.  This can impact how we see ourselves sexually, our desire for sex and the ways we are able to have sex. The impact of these daily ups and downs often ends when the specific circumstance improves such as the headache improving. For many, there is no impact at all.

There is often a greater impact when we are dealing with a long term or more permanent change such as differences in your body and abilities related to surgery, injury, age or health/illness. We may need to get to know our bodies again, re discover what we like and don’t like, relearn what we are able to do and what we are not.  Sometimes medical factors need to be considered and talking with a qualified healthcare professional is very important when there is a risk to your health in some way.

Whether you need to find answers medically or not, there is other important information to consider as well.  Some answers can only be found within ourselves such as our likes and dislikes, and sometimes we just don’t know how to find out those answers. Or we may need information on how and what is possible. Especially the real practical detailed questions of where do I put my arm when I’m doing oral sex or what position will keep my leg from going numb.

Do you have questions like the ones above? Do you want assistance in finding the answers?
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