Exploring your Sex Abilities Workshops

Exploring your Sex Abilities Workshops

Chronic conditions, back pain, broken bones and any number of physical considerations can impact how we have sex. Many frustrations or uncertainties can arise especially when resources to address them seem limited. Our own experience can show us how to keep it hot and how to make it hotter.  Experiential exercises and discussion allow us to reflect on what we feel confident about and what we enjoy. Although some space is made for addressing challenges or concerns, the focus is on enhancing our sex lives starting with where we are right now. Techniques, information, and videos are used as resources but not the focus.

Adaptive Partner Pleasuring

What is sexy? What makes you feel sexy? No matter how you define it, feeling confident is a big part in feeling sexy. The name of this workshop may not sound sexy but the content will help you to feel sexy. Increase your confidence by learning specific techniques and approaches for adapting almost any technique. Topics will include body post ions, hand positions and sex toys.

Custom Workshops

Is there a specific topic you are looking? Workshops can be tailored to meet your needs and are suitable for groups of different sizes and descriptions. Let’s discuss the details to determine how we can meet your needs.



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