Coaching, Consultations & More

In my ideal world we all have access to coaching in an accepting, supportive manner.

I believe that you will get the most benefit when coaching and consultations:

  • are self guided and coach supported
  • include session and on your own exercises
  • are tailored to meet you needs and goals
  • offer a variety of learning styles and approaches
    • one-time & ongoing coaching in person, online & by phone
    • individual & relationship coaching
    • shorter consultations & sessions
    • online resources
    • workshops
    • sliding scale options

I believe a collaborative process will best address your goals related to intimacy, sex and sexuality which may include, but are not imited to, injury, illness, (dis)ability or [disability/ability], increasing pleasure, sexual self-acceptance, sacred sexuality exploration and enhancing orgasm.

I do respond to all emails it just may take some time. Please be patient and follow up if you have not received an email within one week – things get lost in cyber space.

More about my perspective and philosophy:

My philosophy is to build on the positive and the things that are working well for you. This approach and the use of the expressive arts allows you work towards your goals with a “let’s make it work” attitude addressing any areas of concern in a safe manner as they comes up.

Through my explorations one of the significant things I found was somatic sex education. The practices, approaches and awareness involved in somatic learning such as listening to the body, staying present and connected, allowing oneself to truly experience touch and pleasure, offer effective strategies for addressing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life, sex and sexuality. I found great benefit in combining somatic approaches with various techniques and philosophies from my workshop series and program, Sacred Sex Starts with Me. This also led me to develop Exploring Your Sex Abilities: an approach designed to make sex more accessible and enjoyable for people of varying health and physical abilities and their partners.

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