About Cheri

Cheri Michael is an Intimacy and Sexuality Coach; Erotic Pleasure Advocate and Educator. In 2010, after 2 years of investigation, Cheri was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease.  The immobility, frustrations and pain that impacted her entire life devastated her relationship with her sexual self and significantly threatened her sexual experiences. Fortunately, the knowledge that comes from having a diagnosis, coupled with over ten years of professional training and experience working with sexuality, allowed Cheri to slowly begin taking some control of her sexuality again. With time and support Cheri learned, and continues to learn, adaptations and new approaches to sexuality.

As part of her ongoing commitment to personal development, Cheri has spent years exploring her sexuality to increase pleasure and find balance in her life. She has explored various sacred sexuality paths, attended courses, conferences and workshops on a wide range of topics. Cheri continues to expand her knowledge base and experience now focusing on somatic sex education and healing. The practices, approaches and awareness involved in somatic learning, such as listening to the body, staying present and connected, allowing oneself to truly experience touch and pleasure, offers effective strategies for addressing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life, sex and sexuality.

Cheri found great benefit in combining these new approaches with various techniques and philosophies from her workshop series and program, Sacred Sex Start with Me. This also lead Cheri to develop Exploring Your Sex Abilities: an approach designed to make sex more accessible and enjoyable for people of varying health and physical abilities and their partners. Cheri’s philosophy is to build on the positive and on the “right now” to bring about the desired goal. This approach and the use of the expressive arts allows individuals to address what isn’t working in a safe manner while keeping a “let’s make it work” attitude rather than focusing on areas that don’t work.  Cheri believes  a collaborative process between coach and client will best address goals related to sex and sexuality such as injury, illness or (dis)abilities, sexual self-acceptance, sacred sexuality exploration and enhancing orgasm.

Cheri holds a BA Hons. in Psychology from York University, is Path of the Qadishti Level One trained and has over 7 years experience as a sexuality educator.  She is also a long-time artist with over 12 years experience as an expressive arts facilitator. Cheri has taught workshops at or for various organizations including: Aids Committee of Toronto, University of Toronto, Good For Her, Wonder Works, Path of the Qadishti and Aangen Community Centre.

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